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Eagan LAX Tournament, July 2016

I'm about to go all Pride Rock on you here, because I am so incredibly proud of Landen!
Not only has he exhibited some serious skill in his games, but more importantly, he was a supportive teammate and showed great sportsmanship.

 {Watching one of the other games while awaiting his start time ...}

 {Pre-game huddle ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... TIGERS!}

{Tigers win, get your goalie!}
Tournament Summary -
Day 1: Farmington won their first game 3-2, and their second game 6-3 against Elk River (with Landen scoring 3 goals).
Day 2: the team had their first loss of the season against top-seeded Minneapolis* 2-8 (Landen scored both of the team’s goals) but won their second game against Chaska 8-2 (Landen scored 3 goals).*Note: Minneapolis would go on to take first place in the tournament.
The team made it into the playoffs, and celebrated a 3rd place finish overall! 


It has been an absolute joy watching you not only grow as a player, but seeing how much you love the game! May you treasure the friendships you’ve made with your teammates, and always emphasize the importance of being a good sport as your skills continue to evolve. You thoroughly deserved your celebratory dinner after the tournament with a few of your teammates, and I am so proud of you!

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