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The end of an era

There are a million cliched statements about parenting that I could say right now.
Last night, we signed up the Mini for kindergarten.
The blend of feelings is hard to handle - I'm so excited for her to attend "big school" with Landen (who obsessively hopes he does NOT have gym class with her)
... and continue to witness that little mind of hers learn, and figure things out ...
... And yet, within the contours of that attitude so prominently on display in that photo, is the 11-lb newborn chub. She still has those chubby cheeks, but the rest of her is now a lean version of herself. Then, it takes your breath away when you realize just how fast time flies and how unforgiving it can be. Kindergarten Round-Up made me realize, this is the youngest she will ever be again.
September 2016 will be here before we know it, and then, she'll take our hands and we'll walk her into the school as a KINDERGARTENER.
Though this isn't uncharted territory for us, as Landen is an old pro now; we did have to alert the faculty about her unique situation. At 5 years old, Madelyn requires assistance managing her diabetes. She can read the pump messages (true story), and she can load a test strip into her meter, and she's really good about telling a teacher when she alarms - but beyond that, she requires a lot of assistance.
Because of that, I'm considering drafting a 504 plan to have on file because she is still so dependent upon a caregiver. When she's older and assumes a more involved role in her management, it may not be necessary. We had a good conversation with the principal, and over the coming months, we will have continued meetings with the school nurse and her teacher to dicuss the situation.
And like at the daycare, the school will now have Big Brother Landen to report to because he likes to ensure his sister is taken care of. (What are you doing with my sister? What's her number? Are you giving her medicine before you give her that snack? ... Y'all don't mess with him.)
We are officially raising school-age children.

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