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Our Family Christmas - all of them!

{Favorite - she is still obsessed with all things Frozen.}

As I mentioned in a previous post, we celebrated Christmas with our families in two states, in 4 days.

And in true Sieberg fashion, our holiday adventure began with a challenge: I went a little crazy with my shopping, and we had to figure out how to transport all the presents plus our necessities.

After I worked 4 hours on Christmas Eve (I work in the insurance division of my company, and it's open enrollment), we set off in cramped quarters, with two fully charged iPads and the prayer that our caravan doesn't produce a news headline.
(We found the snow - it was in Cedar Falls, Iowa. As soon we left city limits, it was back to brown and green.)

I felt like I was living the plot of a Griswold family film, Christmas-Vacation style! My husband must have found a tailwind or something, because we pulled into his father's driveway in record time with two very excited children who seemingly leaped from our rental before Nick could put it in park.

Let the festivities begin!

Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

(The full moon on Christmas Day night - it won't happen again until 2030, or so.)

  We opened gifts rather late when we got to my Mom's house, so I don't have any photos of it. The next night, however, we all enjoyed dinner at Cooper's Hawk (despite the look on Madelyn's face).

As we drove home, the sky started showing off. This was one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen!

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