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An integrated Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2015 was spent in snowy Minnesota, as Nick was still training for his new position at his current employer. We didn't celebrate the holiday alone, however - we invited our four friends from Sweden and had ourselves an integrated holiday!
This was their first American Thanksgiving, and they brought Swedish dishes to share. The meal was delicious, and there weren't many leftovers to speak of. My favorite memory of the day was when we removed the lid of the roaster to check on our turkey, and the Swedes pulled out their phones to photograph it!

I chose to focus on my orchid instead of the wintry mess happening outside my window.

The spread

Landen proved to be an incredibly sweet host - he drew and colored the Swedish flag for our friends to welcome them into our home!

Madelyn assisted with the preparation of a few of our side dishes, and aggressively helped her dad make green bean casserole.

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